Reactive Online

Reactive Ordering

Reactive Ordering is one of the most advanced and modern e-commerce platforms for online ordering stores! It is maintained and created by Blastup. It includes a fantastic CMS (Content Management System) helping site administrators to manage their content and website settings with a few clicks.

The Most Reactive eCommerce Platform.

The Reactive Project is one of the most advanced and modern eCommerce platforms.

Reactive Ordering is built upon customers needs making it one of the best platforms for complex Online Ordering projects. Reactive Ordering is built using the most advanced web technologies. The Backend and CMS are built using Ruby on Rails which is widely used in large production applications such as Github and Shopify. Our stunning front-end is entirely built using ReactJS making it a true Reactive Online Ordering Store! ReactJS is a Javascript framework that is developed and maintained by Facebook and used in production and highly complex projects such as the Facebook Ads Manager.

Built for the most complex businesses

Reactive Ordering supports even the most complex business logic for online ordering stores. You can create numerous products depended with each other.

Seamlessly Fast

Reactive Ordering scores more than 95% in Page Speed tests with an average of 1.2 seconds full page load. That makes it the faster online ordering platform!

Stunning UI & UX

Reactive Project is built with the end-customer at the forefront! We followed research methods and endless tests to deliver the best User Experience for your customers.

Quick look at the functionalities

What is Reactive Ordering

Reactive ordering is built upon customers needs making it one of the best platforms for complex online ordering projects. 

The platform is integrated with numerous payment providers. Compared to other online ordering platforms it also includes Blog functionality and even the ability to create your own landing pages with the use of our Page Builder.

With Reactive Online Ordering you can have your website, blog and online ordering website in an all-in-one platform!

Built with ReactJS

Maintained and developed by Facebook Inc., ReactJS is one of the most widely known JS frameworks with stunning performance results.

95+ speed score

Our platform is tested fully using performance based tools. We aim to deliver the best UX and we are focused on making the faster platform on the market.

100% SEO Optimized

With Reactive you can rely on having the most SEO optimized source code as well as the tools to make your website perform better in Organic Search Results.

One-Page Checkout

Researches show that users are bored of having to go through multiple steps in their checkout process. Our on-page checkout flow tackles just that problem.

Online Payments

Our platform is integrated with the major online payment providers. PayPal, Stripe, Mollie Payments, Kassa Compleet, JCC, Braintree Payments, Viva Payments to name some of them.

Avalable API

For enterprise customers there is an available API for integrating your existing POS or ERP systems. Our team can also help you integrate your services with our platform and keep everything in-sync!

Phone Orders

With reactive ordering you can accept telephone orders without having your customers sign-up. You can simply create the order from our admin panel only by using their phone or address details.

Blog & Pages

Reactive Ordering isn't just a platform for online orders. You can create your own blog posts as well as fully customized landing pages with the use of our Page Builder boosting your online sales through content!

Full Features List

  • Go Live in a week
  • 95%+ Score in Google Page Speed Test
  • Front-end built with ReactJS
  • Extremely fast browsing
  • Mobile/Tablet Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Open Graph Friendly
  • GDPR Compliant (for EU customers)
  • Media Gallery Support
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Blog Functionality
  • Mega Menus Creation
  • User Roles
  • Sale Prices
  • Advanced Analytics (Search, Product, Payment analysis)
  • Social Integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.)
  • One-Page Checkout
  • Agent accounts for giving access to your customer service agents and accept phone orders.
  • Integrated with MailChimp
  • Multiple TAX Categories
  • Product Bundles/Meals
  • Paypal Payments
  • JCC Payments
  • Available API for POS or ERP Integration
  • Stripe Payments
  • Braintree Payments
  • Klarna Payments
  • iDeal Payments
  • Piraeus Bank Payments
  • Viva Payments
  • Integrated with Freshbooks
  • Integrated with Exact Online
  • Integration with Custom Payment Provider
  • Integration with Custom POS or ERP System