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Introducing Reactive Store Weight Based Shipping

Reactive Store 2.0 gets more advanced by introducing stunning new features to maximize your sales and revenue.

We are happy to announce Reactive Store Weight Based Shipping.

Our new feature allows site administrators to create Shipping Methods charging based on the overall weight of the customer’s shopping cart.

Imagine you have an online store that ships items in different countries or regions and uses different shipping carriers for every region. With Reactive Store Weight Based shipping feature you can create multiple shipping rates based on the overall weight of your products and assign them to specific countries, states or even zip codes!

Weight Based Shipping is available for use in multiple Shipping Methods so that you can use different shipping carrier rates and different shipping zones.

Some Other Cool Features:
– You can specify size and weight restrictions.
– You can specify a weight/price table.
– You can set Handling fees (with a maximum when it won’t be applied anymore).
– Multi-parcel shipments are automatically created.
– You can specify a maximum order price. Orders that exceed this amount will not be charged the shipping cost.
Off course this relies on your weight data to be correct (and if you want the restrictions to work, the size data too).

Start using Reactive Store today and be a part of our fast-growing customers base. Want to know more about Reactive Store? Click here.

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